The Point: Sequel Stagnation

Sequels, sequels, all is sequels. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Ecclesiastes says there’s nothing new under the sun. And that’s certainly the case at the box office, with more sequels and more remakes coming out than ever before. When I saw’s list of “movies that will blow everyone away in 2019,” the only thing that blew me away was all the numbers following the titles.

Fast and Furious 9, Avengers 4, Star Wars 9, Frozen 2, Avatar 2, Shrek 5—all these numbers suggest no original stories.

Creativity seems to be in short supply these days. And that’s a pity. The world needs good stories, new stories. And Christians have told some of the best in history.

Great stories happen when someone with a new idea is willing to give it a try. In a culture mired down in sequels and remakes, creative-minded Christians have an opportunity to innovate, to write, produce, direct, and act, or to simply choose to watch movies that don’t end in a number.


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  • Phoenix1977

    “And Christians have told some of the best in history.”
    Ok, even for an atheist like me this one is too easy. I’ll let this one slide.

    • Steve

      Just what is your issue with Christianity?

      • Phoenix1977

        If you had read some of my more personal posts you would know that already. But, in short, it exists and hurts people like non-Christians and LGBTs.

        • Scott

          I don’t think Steve has read our previous posts but your answer is not fair… Christianity itself can’t hurt anyone. Remember the pure water and the rusty cup?..

          I know you have been hurt by people who are Christian… but their harmful actions do not represent Christianity.

          • Phoenix1977

            Than we get back to the use / abuse argument. And I simply don’t accept that. People calling themselves Christians acted in a hurtful way, quoting the bible, famous preachers (Billy Graham, for example, who never has said anything even remotely neutral towards LGBTs, let alone something positive) and church rules.
            So, in my view, they acted as they thought good Christians are supposed to act in name of Christianity. That would not have happened without Christianity. So I stand by my previous statement.

          • Scott

            Just because you don’t accept that doesn’t mean it is not true. I don’t want to hurt you. The truth is you want to hurt me. You are proving yourself no different than those who committed hateful acts against you. Just because the Bible is not neutral about your chosen (or not chosen) form of sexuality, does not mean that those who believe in it want to harm you. If you choose to reject the Bible because you will not sacrifice your sexual desires, inclinations, orientation or however you would like me to refer to such things than that still doesn’t mean Christians hate you.

            You are completely missing the point. You may think you understand Christianity but you are misrepresenting it with every sentence. There is no such thing as a “good” Christian. Only Christians that do good (those whom you choose to ignore in all your all of your arguments). Huge difference. Your argument is with God, not His people, and that is why you deny His existence.

            Also it would have happened without Christianity and you know it. I’ve witnessed acts of hate on the playground at elementary school and those acts had nothing to do with religion. As a 9 year old boy I watched a kid get beaten while the kids beating him called him names i will not repeat (having to do with his perceived sexuality). None of the boys beating the weaker boy were Christians nor were their parents (most didn’t have parents). Humans a, how did you say it, intrinsically disordered.

          • Phoenix1977

            “You are proving yourself no different than those who committed hateful acts against you.”
            I never denied that. I admitted in one of our very first discussions I am damaged and I definitely have a thirst for vengeance in me. To quote another cliché: “I didn’t start this fight but I’m sure willing to end it”.

            “There is no such thing as a “good” Christian.”
            I doubt you meant what you wrote here. Otherwise I could simply say we finally agreed on something 🙂

  • Just one of many voices

    How many Pirate of the Caribbean are there now? Five? Craziness.

  • jason taylor

    Phoenix I haven’t the foggiest idea of what you mean as it is a considerable amount of the most famous literature is written by Christians.
    Trojan Cycle-Pagan
    Vulsunga Saga-Pagan
    Icelandic Sagas-Transitional
    Arthurian romances-Christian
    Song of Roland-Christian
    Ferdowsi-Muslim or Zoroastrian
    Lord of the Rings-Christian
    Peter Wimsey-Christian
    Father Brown-Christian
    Dune-Haven’t the foggiest idea, though the guy sure disliked nuns.
    Technic History-Not sure but Anderson always respected Christianity and several of his characters were Christians.
    Babylon 5-Atheist
    Star Trek-Atheist, I think
    Winds of War/War and Remembrance: Jewish
    The Chosen: Jewish

    The point? There is no direct correlation between a storyteller’s religion and his skill as shown by the wide variance. But it is a historical fact that Christians have in fact told some of the best regarded stories in history and it is hard to see what your objection is.

    • gladys1071

      I like both Lord of the Rings and i am also a Star Trek Fan. J.R.R Tolken drew from the viking sagas and his experiences in World War 1. Many writers also draw from their life experiences.

      • Phoenix1977

        Perhaps Christians should be glad I’m a doctor and scientist than and not a writer 🙂

        • jason taylor

          Phoenix, not everything has to be ideologized and if you wrote for the express purpose of making Christians cease to be glad you would be a terrible writer, not because atheists cannot write for indeed they can, but because you would have ruined your work with anviliciousness. If you are indeed a good writer then Christians should be as glad of you as I am glad of the pagans, the Muslims, the Christians, the Jews, the Unitarian, and the Undetermineds that I already mentioned. If you make me not glad it will be because I think you a bad writer not because I think you an atheist.

          • Phoenix1977

            I was responding to “Many writers also draw from their life experiences”. If I would write about my experiences with Christians I cannot imagine Christians being happy with me at all.

          • jason taylor

            I have experiences with Christians which have made me unhappy too. I also have experiences with Christians which have made me happy. I have experiences with atheists which have made me happy and experiences with atheists which have made me unhappy as well. More to the point, Eric Flint has a low view of religion in general which can be quite annoying but which does not stop me thinking him a pretty good writer even if he isn’t a Poul Anderson.

            I also have experiences with Christian writers that do not make me happy whether or not I would like the writer as a person.

            So whether or not you make ME happy depends on how good a writer you are. As it happens life experiences are just one source to draw from.

          • Scott

            Perhaps you should! I think Christians can stand to look in the mirror. Those who can’t might have some questions to ask themselves. We don’t have to agree with your stance on sexuality, but we all (Christians) need to consider our actions and compare them to the model Jesus gives us.

            Is this fair?

          • Phoenix1977

            What would that accomplish? Those I would need to reach with such a writing are quite unwilling to look into that mirror most of the time. And those willing to look are in general not the ones I would need to reach. So I would be preaching to the choir.

    • Phoenix1977

      Most atheist, including myself, look at the bible as a nice work of fiction and nothing more. And than comes someone who fights for the existence of Christianity and says Christians are good at storytelling.
      And you don’t see the irony in that?

      • jason taylor

        Actually the Bible is not all that good a work of fiction seeing as despite it’s powerful idea of a tribe’s mysterious destiny by being the vehicle for a divine sacrifice it has a bit of a Mary Sue problem. In any case a large part of it does not qualify as fiction, or literature of any kind but as law, or theology or what not. In any event there is no more irony that a Christian says Christians are good at storytelling despite the fact that some Atheists rather peculiarly think the Bible good fiction anymore then their is in a Christian saying Atheism is false but that Atheists are capable of writing well of which I have given demonstration.