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See Jesus through Refreshed Eyes

It’s no accident that Jesus appeared in the particular time and the particular place in history that He did. 

However, that time and place can seem, for Western Christians, mysterious and even inaccessible.  That’s why books like Seeing Jesus from the East: A Fresh Look at History’s Most Influential Figure by Ravi Zacharias and Abdu Murray are so important.

This book is instructive to Christians who wish to see Jesus for who He is in the context of the moment in which He stepped into human history.  By exploring the norms of Eastern culture, including the role and purpose of stories and symbols, you will better understand the biblical witness to who Jesus Christ truly is.

All of us at the Colson Center have mourned the passing of Ravi Zacharias, one of the most articulate and compassionate voices in contemporary apologetics and evangelism. Ravi was a co-laborer for the gospel with Chuck Colson and had a unique ability to “help thinkers believe and believers think.” In his final book project, Ravi and the gifted Abdu Murray draw from their Eastern roots to help us make sense of the Christian story at the crossroads of the Eastern and the Western worlds.

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