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When is Christianity no longer Christianity?


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Have you heard these claims before?

“I’m a Christian, but I don’t think Jesus is the only way to God.”

“I’m a Christian, but I believe love makes a marriage.”

These are claims popular to progressive Christianity. The problem with this version of the gospel is that, by undermining core doctrines like the virgin birth, the atoning work of Christ, and the inspiration of Scripture, it robs Christianity of its power. This is no Christianity at all.

In exchange for your donation to the Colson Center this month, you will receive an equipping resource to help you navigate a culture that accepts progressive Christianity. In Another Gospel, Alisa Childers illustrates the flaws of this culturally palatable form of Christianity.  Alisa Childers grew up in the church and was deeply embedded in evangelical culture as a member of the popular Christian band ZoeGirl. This book is her response to progressive claims and lifestyles that she nearly bought into herself, before digging deeper into the truth.

In your copy of Another Gospel, you’ll find Childers’ story of departure and return, in which her journey to the brink of progressivism ultimately connected her with a deeper and more reflective view of the gospel. 

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