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Thank you for your support of the Colson Center. We are aware of the challenges faced by many in the current climate, and we are grateful for the generosity of anyone who can give financially to equip Christians in this crucial time.

We have no doubt that God has placed the Colson Center in this particular cultural moment with an important job to do. And, with His help, 2020 has been an unprecedented year of ministry.

Too many Christians are struggling to see beyond the chaos of social distancing, social upheaval, and social unrest. This is precisely what a Christian worldview is for… to allow us to see all of life in light of the truth of Christ Jesus.

When you give, you are equipping Christians like this pastor to make sense of the world with a Christian worldview:

“A big thank you,” wrote a pastor recently, “for the ministries of the Colson Center that help us understand and apply a Biblical worldview with grace and courage... living out our faith always seems to be a moving target.  Breakpoint, the webinars, and referral to additional resources help navigate the flood of information.  Thank you.

Give below to help Christians understand this cultural moment, discern what is true and good from what is false and deceptive, and be able to live like Christians in the midst of the cultural currents and waves.

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