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Daily, we hear stories of Christians using Colson Center tools to live with clarity, confidence, and courage:

  • One of the 13,000 folks who embraced the calling of being a person of Truth.Love.Together, the theme of our five-week virtual event put it this way: I am so grateful for the words that have been coming out of the Colson Center in recent weeks, and for the privilege to participate in the Truth and Love together conference.”
  • “The best explanation I've ever heard on this topic....now that I'm clear with it, I can share boldly.” Every day, we hear from someone who’s been able to learn from and use one of the innovative What Would You Say? videos to answer a tough question about the faith or the culture. So far, in just the first year, these videos have been viewed more that 1.3 million times.
  • A Daily BreakPoint listener wrote to us to express her thanks: Listening to Breakpoint is part of how I start my day.  The daily podcast and BreakPoint This Week help me make biblical sense of a world going mad. Blessings to y'all.

Everything we do is to help believers unleash the potential of who they already are as new creations redeemed by Christ.

Support Christians everywhere by making your year-end gift today! Your gift will be doubled thanks to a generous leadership challenge of $66,300. 

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