We have to do education right


This may be the greatest opportunity for Christian education in our lifetime.


Record enrollments. Record waiting lists. Thousands of new home schoolers. The last year has created a tidal wave of parents who are demanding a say over their children’s education.
And because of it, Christian education has to be the source of light they are seeking. It has to be distinctly and fundamentally different than what the world is offering.
Through existing content, training programs like the Colson Fellows, and new initiatives aimed at educators, the Colson Center has allocated resources to equip educators for this great work of passing on an education that is distinctly Christian:
  • Content. Our daily BreakPoint and weekly What Would You Say? videos are being curated for use in Christian schools around the world. 10,000 teachers are already benefiting from these curated resources.
  • Training. Christian content is essential, but not enough. Christian educators must be formed to teach like Christians. Already, 253 Christian educators have been trained as Colson Fellows.
  • Community. The growing network of Christian educators, trained by Colson Center programs and utilizing Colson Center resources online and at in person events, is the foundation of our new Institute for Worldview Education (IWE).
Your gift this month will support our efforts to ground educators and parents in the true Christian Story.

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