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Abortion Is More than Wrong, It’s Sacrilegious


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

Last week at the annual Respect Life Mass at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in downtown Columbus, Ohio, a group of pro-abortion protestors stormed the sanctuary, holding signs with slogans like “Fund Abortion Not Police.” They also interrupted the Mass, yelling “two four six eight, this church teaches hate.”

No one was physically hurt, and the police quickly escorted the protestors outside.

Each January, the pro-life community mourns the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. It’s not unusual to see a new flurry of critical commentaries, especially the usual accusation that pro-lifers don’t do enough for children after they’re born and don’t care about struggling moms.

Of course, pro-life Christians have run adoption, foster-care, and pregnancy-care systems for decades. This upsetting incident in Columbus is a reminder that what many abortion advocates seek: state-funded abortion on demand, without limits that is affirmed and celebrated, even by the Church. 


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Respect Life Mass disrupted by protesters

Danae King | The Columbus Dispatch | January 22, 2021

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