Born or Made?

It's become the mantra of the gay lobby: Sexual orientation is in our genes -- our biology is destiny. According to gay activist Denny Lee, "When people understand that being gay or lesbian is an integral characteristic, they are more open-minded about equality for gay Americans." Problem is, there's no evidence that homosexuality is an "integral characteristic." It's something to keep in mind on the eve of the latest "gay holiday." Radical gays are fond of quoting studies that purport to prove that gays are born, not made. For example, ten years ago, Simon LeVay of the Salk Institute announced that he had found a significant difference in the brain structure of homosexual and heterosexual men, but subsequent research by others failed to duplicate LeVay's findings. The same goes for the research of Dean Hamer, who claimed to have found a "gay gene." Hamer -- who is gay -- was subsequently investigated by the Office of Research Integrity of the U.S. Public Health Service. Then there's a 1993 study on twins and sexual orientation by Boston University psychiatrist Richard Pillard. Pillard claimed he'd found evidence that homosexuality is a family trait. But Dr. Paul Ewald, an Amherst College biologist, told the Boston University Daily Free Press that Pillard's research made no such genetic connection. Dr. Ruth Hubbard of the Council for Responsible Genetics says the gay hype over genetics "is due to the fact that there is money to be made through biotechnology." And she adds: "There's no such thing as a gay gene. It is a waste of time and money" to look for one. So why are researchers looking for one? If gays can prove that homosexuality is genetic, there would be, they believe, no excuse for making moral distinctions between homosexual and heterosexual behavior. But wait a minute: Suppose there was a genetic connection. Would that justify gay "marriage"? It's been established in one study a genetic connection in criminal behavior. Does that excuse crime? Of course not. Or how about a gene for heterosexual behavior? Does that mean rape would be condoned? No! Nor does it mean homosexual behavior is inevitable and acceptable. We are more than the sum of our genes. On April 10, gay groups will celebrate the "Day of Silence Project." They're encouraging students around the country to take a nine-hour vow of silence to protest what they consider inappropriate discrimination against homosexuals. We can expect the press to trot out all the same, tired claims about gay genes, and, therefore, we should just accept as perfectly normal this behavior and give them full rights to adopt children and to marry. On that particular day of silence, why don't we do what many other Christians are doing and use it to speak out. Tell them about couples like John and Anne Paulk, now on the staff of Focus on the Family. John and Anne both came out of the homosexual lifestyle, married, and raised a Christian family. We can also tell people about the phony research about so-called gay genes -- and about the truth about how God heals homosexuals through groups like Exodus and Regeneration. If you call us here at BreakPoint (1-800-995-8777), we'll send you materials that will help you make those arguments. True hope for homosexuals lies, not in a gay gene, but in the Gospel.   For further reading: Read Philip L. Bereano's essay, "The Irrelevance of the 'Gay' Gene," in the spring 1996 issue of the Professional Ethics Report. Scroll down to the "Ethics, Law, & Public Policy Column" section on this page. Letter from John Paulk, Focus on the Family, July 2000. BreakPoint commentary, "Genetic Justification: The Search for the Gay Gene," 24 February 1997. Thomas Schmidt, Straight and Narrow: Compassion and Clarity in the Homosexuality Debate (Intervarsity Press, 1995). Support groups: Exodus International Regeneration National Association of Research and Therapy for Homosexuality Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays New Direction for Life Courage Kerusso Ministries


Chuck Colson


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