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Brian Brown

Director of Marketing and Advancement

Brian Brown is Director of Marketing and Advancement at the Colson Center, where he handles strategy, infrastructure, and brand management. He oversees a talented team of creative professionals whose goal is to power the movement that is our organization’s goal—millions of interconnected people who are bringing a Christian vision to every area of life.

Since receiving his B.A. in political theory from Princeton, Brian has worked at the Heritage Foundation, at El Pomar Foundation, in local government in Colorado, and as a nonprofit marketing and fundraising consultant. He is a frequent speaker and the author of numerous articles and essays on the Christian imagination, community building, and nonprofit marketing.

In his spare time, since 2013 Brian Brown has served as the founder and director of the Anselm Society, whose mission is a renaissance of the Christian imagination. Brian lives with his wife Christina and their two young children in Colorado, where they mix cocktails, hunt for historic architecture, and see how many people they can squeeze into their house for lively conversation.