The Point

Children Are not Chess Pawns


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

Two major problems, thinkers on both the left and the right in America agree, are in need of solutions: A struggling economy and America’s low birth rate.

So, it’s likely that two new Senate proposals, one to increase the child tax credit and one to give families a financial payout per child, will get some bipartisan support.

Perhaps these strategies will help some would-be parents, at least those who balk at the financial burden of children, take the plunge. More robust efforts have made a difference in other nations, such as France. But only a cultural heart change will help us avoid a total population bust. The problem is viewing children as primarily a financial choice, or as item to check off our adulting bucket list or as tickets to self-fulfillment. 

If we re-learn that children are a gift from God, unique Image-bearers, and part of God’s good design for the world, we’ll find that solutions to many of our other problems will fall into place.


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