Christian Worldview of Money

Speakers: Dan Lewis, Ron Blue, Brandon Sieben and Ken Battles, Jay Richards

2020-07-7 - 2020-07-28

Price: $49


Recent months have stolen many people’s sense of security … Our concerns hover from macro to micro—the state of the world, cultural upheaval, sickness, and perhaps most of all, how will all of this affect my financial security? How much should the church, state, and welfare of future generations factor into our decision-making? How can we take generous charitable risks while stewarding our money well?
What if we saw this moment of economic uncertainty as an opportunity? To re-visit what it means to live in God’s economy when the world’s economy proves unreliable. In financial turmoil, we the Church can cling to this core principle: We are still called to be good stewards.
While the message of mainstream media is one of self-preservation or self-promotion, the Christian worldview offers a bigger story: that our finances have a purpose that goes beyond ourselves.
In this season, Christians have a unique opportunity to address questions like:
  1. How does our Christian worldview inform our financial decisions?
  2. How much is “enough?” How do we foster a spirit of contentment while responsibly generating and managing resources?
  3. How to model generosity for our children?
  4. How do we structure estate plans to create a multi-generational legacy of stewardship?
This short course, taught by top-tier Christian financial experts, will equip you with a strategy to help you stay secure in this time.
  1. July 7 – Give: God So Loved the World that He GAVE – Dr. Dan Lewis, The Howard Dayton School of Business at Asbury University
  2. July 14 – Save: The Four H’s of Financial Wisdom – Ron Blue, Founder of Kingdom Advisors, Ron Blue Trust and the Ron Blue Institute
  3. July 21 – Spend: Want Vs. Need – Brandon Sieben, President and CEO of Compass and Ken Battles, Executive Director of Compass Urban Stewardship Ministries
  4. July 28 – Money, Greed and God, The Christian Case for Free Enterprise – Dr. Jay Richards, Research Assistant Professor at the Catholic University of America


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