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De-conversion Deja-vu


John Stonestreet

Shane Morris

It’s always sad when anyone leaves the Faith. But a succession of Christian musicians, megachurch pastors, and authors have made a kind of genre out of sharing “deconversion” stories. Their stories sound an awful lot like students who grew up in the Church.

Many times these so-called “exvangelicals” will say something like, “I had tough questions, but the Church didn’t have answers. So therefore the answers don’t exist.” That isn’t true at all. This is the golden age of answers. If there is a tough question about Christianity or about morality, there is an answer out there. The Church needs to do a better job of taking the answers and sharing them with the people in the Church who have the questions.

Recently on the Upstream Podcast, blogger and Crossway editor Samuel James joined Shane Morris to talk about these exvangelical narratives and what’s really behind the questions and the lack of answers. You can check it out on the Upstream podcast.


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Upstream with Shane Morris

Colson Center | 2021

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