Champion Life: How to Oppose Abortion and Defend the Unborn

Speakers: Scott Klusendorf

2020-09-08 - 2020-09-29

Price: $49


Do you have the tools to build a persuasive pro-life apologetic?
This month, join Scott Klusendorf and learn to:
  1. Clarify the issues at hand and focus on the big questions
  2. Address five bad ways people argue about abortion
  3. Answer objectives to the pro-life position clearly and persuasively
  4. Train others by effectively communicating your pro-life views
What is a human being? Why is life worth defending?
Register today to explore these questions and learn practical skills in four compelling modules over Zoom, with supplemental materials and discussion questions provided by the Life Training Institute.
View the topics below:
Week 1: How to Make a Case for Life in about a Minute
Week 2: The Five Wrong Ways to Talk about Abortion
Week 3: Answering the Most Common Pro-abortion Objections
Week 4: Develop a Pro-Life Game Plan


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