Might As Well Jump

In the decadent world of rock, one singer is standing up for the unborn. An open letter has been circulating on the Internet that says, "A woman, however beautiful, however complex when fully grown, begins life as a single cell." It's a "stage in human development through which we all pass," and it ought to be protected. No, those aren't the words of the leader of a prolife organization. They were written by the singer of one of the most popular rock bands of all time: Gary Cherone, lead singer of Van Halen. At a time when it seems like nearly every major secular recording artist is pro-abortion, it's gratifying to see one artist use his fame to fight the slaughter of unborn children and stand up for biblical morality. Support for abortion rights has always been popular among rockers. Concerts on behalf of so-called "reproductive rights" have attracted some of the biggest names in the business: Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, and Pearl Jam's lead singer, Eddie Vedder. There's even a Website called Rock For Choice where fans can read the latest pro-abortion propaganda spun by some of their favorite artists. But Gary Cherone is an outspoken Christian, and his band has recorded several songs with explicit biblical references. Earlier this month, Cherone sent a letter to Eddie Vedder, which was later posted on the Website of the American Life League. Cherone challenged Vedder on his support for abortion, arguing that even though abortion is pitched as a woman's right, ironically, in 50 percent of abortions in America, it is a woman who is killed. For a woman is always a woman, from the moment of conception to the day she dies, Cherone wrote. This is "Biology 101." How can anyone claim to be for women's rights, he concluded, if for some women they deny the most basic right of all--the right to life? In the hedonistic world of rock and roll, Cherone's passionate defense of life was bound to raise eyebrows. "Rolling Stone" magazine described Cherone's view as "vociferous." But this is no surprise: The popular music scene has always been about much more than music--it is about values and lifestyle. And I'm not talking just about the sexual content of lyrics. If you check out MTV, though I don't recommend it, you will be surprised at how few music videos are actually featured. Instead, you'll find dozens of shows that celebrate a hedonistic lifestyle. In show after show, the theme reduces to the question of who's sleeping around with whom. Clearly, MTV is not content to offer entertainment; it wants to shape the culture. Small wonder, then, that the right to an abortion is so important to these folks. Abortion is an indispensable prop for sexual license. And that's why Gary Cherone's stand is so remarkable--and so courageous. Let's encourage our young people to take Cherone as a model of how to stand up for their faith even in the midst of a decadent industry. While I personally don't care for Van Halen's music, it's good to know that noteveryone our kids listen to is preaching a set of values that leads straight to the culture of death. Some, like Gary Cherone, are saying, "choose life."  


Chuck Colson



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