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The Point: The Magical Birth Canal

It’s magical! Chuck Colson said that to discover whether a worldview is true, follow it to its logical conclusion. A Canadian group called Choice 4 2 is doing this wonderfully in exposing the flawed worldview—and logic—of abortion supporters. In a YouTube video called “The Magical Birth Canal,” an obviously pregnant young woman explains where human rights come from: the magic birth canal. Because a baby in the womb has no human rights, right? But when it goes through the birth canal, poof! It suddenly has human rights. It’s magic! Another video takes on the idea of “My body my choice.” A different, obviously pregnant young woman says, “The problem with this catchy little phrase it’s that it’s just wrong . . . My body does not have 2 heads, 4 arms, or 20 toes. If I were to get an abortion, I wouldn’t be aborting my own body. I’d be aborting the body inside my body.” Come to and I’ll link you to these brutally logical and clever pro-life videos.  


John Stonestreet



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