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Pro-Life Means Being Pro Elderly As Well


John Stonestreet

Roberto Rivera

Recently, after I described how the death toll from COVID-19 among the elderly could hasten the arrival of legalized euthanasia, a faithful BreakPoint listener who works in a senior care center wrote in to confirm that the threat is, as she put it, “very real.” She’s been told hospitals may be reluctant to admit the senior center’s dementia patients who contract COVID, because they are considered to be beyond hope.

Our Christian culture, she continued, cares a great deal about the unborn, but is all too ready to abandon the elderly.

I wish I could argue that last point, but she’s right. We have not loved our elderly neighbors as we should, and they are at risk of the ultimate legally acceptable abandonment–euthanasia.

Christians will need to push back as much on the culture of death at the end of life as we have at the beginning of life.


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How COVID Could Push Us Further Toward Euthanasia

John Stonestreet | Breakpoint | October 28, 2020

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