Prom King Thinks She’s a He

On first reading, the headline about the high school prom in Ferndale, Washington, makes no sense. The words boggle the mind. A second run-through doesn't clear up the confusion. The headline reads: "Lesbian prom king wears crown with pride after . . . election." Lesbian prom KING? A senior girl who claims to be the only open lesbian at the school nominated herself for king "to defy the gender basis" of the traditional contest. The principal declined to oppose the nomination, saying, "We don't want her to be discriminated against." Which, of course, misses the point entirely. In a sanely ordered society, males compete with males for special honors reserved for their sex. Females enjoy the same, equal privilege among themselves. Disrupting this order robs everybody of their dignity, privacy, and unique roles. For example, the intrusion of a boy on the girl's softball team, or a girl on the boy's wrestling team, creates needless social turmoil and sexual confusion. The result is an eerie twilight zone where one must pretend that gender no longer exists, where sexual identity is arbitrary or disposable. In Massachusetts, school officials tried to preserve order by banning a fifteen-year-old boy from coming to school decked out in high heels, a woman's wig, makeup, and a bulging padded bra. Three times they suspended him for using the girl's restroom. Incredibly, a judge ruled that the school's policy was "stifling of the plaintiff's selfhood merely because it causes some members of the community discomfort." One transvestite's exalted "selfhood" trumped the collective will of the administration, the student body, and the community. Now that's massive "discrimination." The gay-lesbian-transvestite crowd wants to smash gender categories and obliterate the social norms within those categories. They say gender is artificial, a mere invention of society. So, they want your school to teach that kids are free to adopt any sexual identity. It's a militant political agenda aimed at steamrolling all moral opposition to perversion. It's also a sexual agenda. And the more gender confusion teens experience, the more vulnerable they are to the seduction of the movement. However, no matter how loud the propaganda, the universal truth of creation remains unshaken: In the beginning God created human beings; he made them male and female, by design. God stamped our gender in our chromosomes and coded our unique sex characteristics into our DNA. No surgery, no costume, no amount of paraphernalia can alter our inherent, God-given nature. Parents and students need to guard creation's order in public schools by strongly protesting the gender- smashing policies and events that would try to overthrow God's natural order. That's what's happening at Ferndale High School, and I salute the valiant citizens who are standing up and saying no. Unless responsible people have the courage to stand their ground, there's little hope of a return to sanity. And where administrators and school boards won't listen, I recommend that parents think seriously about removing their children from such a degraded environment. In the classroom -- and in the bathroom -- young people need to know they're safe . . . protected within the boundaries of the natural created order. For further reference: "Lesbian prom king wears crown with pride after . . . election." Bellingham Herald, 5 May 2001.


Chuck Colson


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