Protect the Right to Give Life

How women got pressured into long-term birth control.


John Stonestreet

A recent Time magazine article detailed the experiences of women who were pressured into using long-term chemical birth control. Although chemical contraception is often promoted to women with an appeal to their autonomy, it’s now clear that for some women, that’s what was taken from them. 

In fact, “long-acting reversible contraceptives” (LARCs) such as IUDs and implants are disproportionately pushed on women who are young, low-income, ethnic minorities, or mothers already. In one study, doctors admitted to pushing LARCs on women whose pregnancies they would deem “undesirable.”  

From the beginning, the abortion movement was rooted in this kind of eugenics thinking, but so was much of the push for chemical birth control. Not to mention, it was pushed by those who saw fertility as a problem to be solved, rather than a gift to be protected. 

Women should be prepared to defend their right to give life. Visit the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists website to find a doctor in your area who openly supports life.


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