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Seek Justice Without Compromising the Truth


John Stonestreet

Scripture is abundantly clear: God cares about justice. Old Testament prophets condemned Israel not only for idolatry, but also for mistreating the poor and the alien, for false testimony, for bribery, and other acts of injustice. 

Today, calls for justice are ubiquitous, both inside and outside the church. The problem is that so many are based on postmodern ideas power dynamics. Words like “social justice” and “oppression” are often mis-defined and misused.

Thaddeus Williams’s new book, Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth, clearly and carefully shows how Christians can work for justice within a Biblical framework, grounded in the biblical truth that every person is made in God’s image.

Williams addresses on our culture’s preoccupation with “wokeness” and critical theory, while still holding Christians responsible to love God and our neighbors (all of them). 

I will send you a copy of Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth by Thaddeus Williams with your next gift to the Colson Center. Come to to request your copy today. 


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