Shining The Light of Christ into a Darkening World: A Devotional with David and Jason Benham


John Stonestreet

As the world reels from the events of the past few months and looks anxiously towards whatever this autumn will bring, the Colson Center is sponsoring a weekly moment of prayer. Each Wednesday, a guest will share in leading us in a time of devotion and corporate prayer.

This week our guests were David and Jason Benham.

“Our goal is to shine the light of Jesus Christ and to be the salt of Christ in this nation, because the problem today is not the presence of darkness. It’s the absence of light. We don’t go to bed at night and turn darkness on. The only way darkness prevails is when light is turned off. And so God is calling us, he’s calling you, he’s calling his church to once again, be the light of the world. And the problem with shining the light is not only does it reveal our good deeds, Matthew 5:16, but it also exposes the world’s evil deeds. That’s John chapter three. And so we have to then take that light and shine it brighter. We don’t want to dim it down.”


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