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The Point: America’s Shopping Addiction

Thanks to online shopping, it’s easier than ever to be a hoarder. According to The Atlantic, Americans spent twice as much last year on stuff like jewelry, books, and phone equipment than they did in 2000. And since 2000, the number of storage facilities to store all of our stuff has doubled. The article attributes this spike in stuff to the ease of online shopping. With one-click purchases and free shipping, not only does it feel good: it’s also faster and cheaper. So why not buy that shirt, that new pair of earbuds, or the antique book set? Well here’s a reason: Stuff is one of the gods of our age. We’re trying to fill that God-shaped hole that Pascal talked about with more and more stuff. It won’t work. You might recall Jesus telling us something about storing up treasures here on earth where moth and rust do their thing. It’s heaven, not earth, that’s the place to store our treasures. For more on faith and culture, come to


John Stonestreet


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