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The Point: Goodthink at BBC


John Stonestreet

This is literally “Animal Farm”…

At the BBC, all employees are equal, but some are more equal than others. As part of its new “diversity” reforms, the British Broadcasting Corporation is asking employees to use non-binary pronouns and—I’m not kidding—to wear pro-LGBT badges to work.

Now if you’re not thinking “Orwellian,” you either haven’t read the books or your name is Napoleon. Passively introducing thought-crimes and using “equality” to control people are central ideas of Orwell’s vision of dystopia. The BBC is a government-run corporation encouraging employees to wear political allegiances—literally—on their sleeves, and to change their language to fit approved ideology.

So what happens if someone doesn’t play along? Mark my words… First those who wear the badge will be celebrated, then those who refuse will be singled out. Eventually, those guilty of thought crimes will be penalized, and maybe fired.

Ideological tyranny might be dressed up as freedom and equality, but really, it’s just putting clothes on a pig.


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