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The Point: How Many Genders?


John Stonestreet

Well, if we’re going to be politically correct…

Chuck Colson said a worldview can be tested by taking it to its logical conclusion. And a Massachusetts legislator did just that during a debate to allow a third gender, “gender x,” on state drivers licenses.

The bill would have passed the Democratic legislature, but Republican Jim Lyons called out the hypocrisy. After all, if there are a myriad of genders, as the LGBT movement insists, then at the very least, the state should recognize the 73 “gender options” that Facebook does.

So Lyons offered 73 additional amendments, to approve each of the 73 “genders”. Each amendment requires 10 minutes of debate.

According to LifeSiteNews, the Democrats, not wanting to offend gender ideology, gave it the old college try. But about halfway through, they realized they were out of time and withdrew the bill.

Rep. Lyons exposed the current state of gender ideology for what it is: ridiculous and unmanageable. That’s true in real life, and in the state house.

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