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Preparing for Christmas

Each year it’s the same: Black Friday arrives and mayhem erupts at Walmart and Best Buy as folks trample each other to get smartphones and flat screen televisions.  


John Stonestreet

Christians often chuckle over this crazy display of materialism–the idolatry of stuff. But ‘tis the season for another idol we often imbibe… the idol of other people’s perceptions. Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are full of pictures of other people’s perfectly decorated homes, and seemingly well-behaved children in matching Christmas pajamas doing the family lip-sync. All the Pinterest-worthy décor and Instagram-worthy celebration videos can become another distraction in a season meant for holy reflection.

Good news: That’s what Advent is for. It’s a time of prayer, charity, and even fasting, to prepare us to celebrate the birth of Jesus and look forward to His return. For many Christians, Advent starts this Sunday. The resources below will help you really get ready for Christmas.


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