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UN Human Rights Council Jumps the Chinese Shark


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

In this week’s edition of Not-The-Babylon-Bee, China was again elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council. 

Yes China, where right now – today – an estimated 1.5-million minority Muslim Uighurs have been put in concentration camps; reportedly tortured, starved, forcibly sterilized, force abortions, and “reeducated” by the Chinese Communist Party. China also persecutes pro-Democracy advocates, Mongolian and Tibetan minorities, Christians, and anyone not towing the Party line.

In its application to the Council, Beijing claimed it’s emancipating Chinese citizens from poverty, citizens who then are forced to live in a social credit system in a society that actively erases its history.

Make no mistake: China’s election to the UN Human Rights Council lends absolutely no credibility to the genocidal regime in Beijing. What it does is remove is whatever credibility was left at the UN. 


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China elected to UN Human Rights Council

Eric Chang | Taiwan News | October 14, 2020

1.5 million Muslims could be detained in China’s Xinjiang: academic

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