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A New Book Shows You Are Not What You Think


John Stonestreet

Tim Keller recently reviewed the new book by Chris Bail, Breaking the Social Media Prism: How to Make Our Platforms Less Polarizing. Most critiques of technology blame it for making us worse people, but Keller says that’s backwards. We are the real problem, not our technological toys.

Many people resort to social media as a way of establishing identity. Our sense of who we are rests in what others see and say about us. As Keller says, “We need validation from someone outside, we cannot validate ourselves.” But, rather than recognizing who we are in the identity God has given us, we are trapped in the image others give us.

The Christian worldview offers something far better. We are not left in the marred and broken state that people often define us. Our identity is best understood in what God intended for us in creation, with the hope of being restored to that by Christ.


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Social Media, Identity, and the Church

Tim Keller | Life in the Gospel | 2021

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