Bill in Italy to Restrict Surrogacy

Further protection against viewing family as a commodity is a good thing. 


John Stonestreet

Jared Hayden

Italian lawmakers are considering a bill that, if passed, would prevent citizens from traveling abroad for surrogacy. Critics are calling the bill discriminatory and retrograde. But restricting surrogacy protects women and children from being exploited.

Many think of surrogacy as a lifeline for infertile marriages and an option for women who face health risks in pregnancy. However, surrogacy further fuels the erosion of family by separating children from their biological parents and divorcing the inherent connection between sex, marriage, and babies.

In most places where it is legal, surrogacy lacks significant restrictions, which inevitably leads to the exploitation of poor and otherwise vulnerable women. Commercial interests are almost always involved, whether explicitly or implicitly, which leads to the commodification and destruction of human life.

The desire for children is natural and good. But neither lives nor families are to be purchased. They are gifts of God to be cherished and protected.


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