My Church teaches critical race theory. Do I leave?


John Stonestreet

Shane Morris

John and Shane address the issue of racial care in our churches. A listener’s church is teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) to help heal. John is quick to note that Christians should have commitment to their church and to addressing the issues that arise. He and Shane point out why CRT is problematic for Christians and provide context on how to approach an issue when a church uses the world’s tools to try to fix the problem of sin.

Another listener asked a question related to the sexual revolution. Are women and children really disproportionately affected by the sexual revolution? John pulls out a Margaret Meade quote, stating that a primary role of a society is to find a proper place for men. While not agreeing with Meade’s worldview, John provides the listener a context to understand the broken promises of Margaret Sanger’s sexual revolution, that women would be liberated and children would finally have happy parents. 

To close, Shane engages a question from a listener the pair left us with last week about morality and where it comes from. He and John address an atheistic perspective and what evolutionary morality leads to. John then does a quick survey of transhumanism and the goal of evolution, giving a Christian response to the issues.


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