What Would You Say?

Can We Save the Planet by Not Having Kids?


Brooke B. McIntire

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “We need to stop having so many kids. Otherwise, we’re going to use up all the Earth’s resources and destroy the planet.”

What would you say?

With so much news about global warming, global pandemics, and starvation in the developing part of the world, it’s easy to get the impression that having kids is a bad idea… maybe even selfish.

Next time you encounter the idea that we’re having too many kids, here are three things to remember.

First, we’re in no foreseeable danger of overwhelming the earth’s resources.

Second, we keep finding new ways of exploring, refining, and converting natural materials, and adapting to the resources at hand.

Third, people are the solution, not the problem.


Click on the video to hear the entire conversation, or go to WhatWouldYouSay.org to see more like it.


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