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Christian Drug Rehab Program Targeted, Participants Attacked in Venezuela


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

Venezuela has had a good bit of negative publicity in the last few years, but a recent story is extraordinary even for this troubled nation. According to Open Doors UK, four Christians in the northern city of Libertador were assaulted by eight hooded men wielding knives and sticks. The attackers forced the men to eat pages from the Bible, carved crosses into their flesh, and cursed God while they were at it.

It’s not yet clear who the perpetrators were, but the fact the victims participate in a church-led drug rehab program known as Restoration House, points to local drug dealers. It’s a fair assumption. Like the silversmiths in Acts 19 who found the apostle Paul bad for the idol business, drug dealers may see the effectiveness of Restoration House as a threat to their profit margins.

“Making all things new” can carry a cost. Just ask these Venezuelan Christians who now, like Paul, “bear on their bodies the marks of Jesus.”


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Four Venezuelan Christians forced to eat their Bibles

Open Doors USA | February 26, 2021

Acts 19:23-41

Bible Gateway

Galatians 6:17

Bible Gateway

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