Christians in the Public Square, Proposed Title IX Changes, and Why Women are Leaving the Church

John and Maria discuss Christian involvement in the public square, the implications of the proposed Title IX changes, and why women are increasingly leaving the Church.


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

In response to a recent op-ed at Christianity Today, Maria and John insist that Christians can and should be involved in the public square, particularly in the schools. One clear reason is the proposed regulations reinterpreting Title IX. These regulations would remove parental rights from parents whose kids are drawn to radical gender ideology, making the schools conduits to transgender treatments. Maria and John then move to a discussion of the “why” behind a new stat showing that women are leaving the Church.


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Segment 1

Should Christians Be Involved in the Public Square?


Segment 2

Biden Admin. Considering New Title IX Recommendations

Because this new Title IX frames gender ideology as an anti-discrimination issue, schools wont have to seek parental permission for children to participate in lessons on choosing and changing ones sex. Indeed, schools will very likely use Title IXs anti-discrimination mandate to justify denying parental opt-outs from these controversial lessons. 

The New York Post

The Child & Parental Rights Campaign


Segment 3

Today’s Women Are More Liberal Than Men

Daniel Cox on Substack


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