Chuck Colson’s Birthday, Loudon County’s School Board Abuses, and Euthanasia Denied

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John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

John and Maria reflect on the ways Chuck Colson’s legacy endures at the Colson Center and remains powerfully visible in Prison Fellowship and the Angel Tree ministry.

Then, Maria asks John for clarity on the situation unfolding in Loudon County. According to some reports, the school board in that district failed to respond to abuse charges against a student identifying as a transgender girl.

To close, John addresses the inner workings of the euthanasia movement through the story of a woman in Columbia who is battling ALS. Columbia recently authorized euthanasia for the terminally ill, but this woman’s disease doesn’t qualify. John also discusses the faithfulness of her grandmother, how aging with dignity is more whole in a Christian worldview.


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— In Show Stories —

Chuck Colson’s Birthday
Tomorrow, October 16, is Chuck Colson’s birthday. He would’ve been 90 years old. His legacy continues, not only in the ongoing work of the Colson Center, but also the ongoing work of Prison Fellowship, especially the Angel Tree ministry.

Loudoun County Officials Address ‘Misinformation’ Over School Assaults
Officials in Loudoun County, Virginia, are rejecting suggestions of a cover-up surrounding an alleged sexual assault at a school by a student who reportedly went on to attack another victim months later.

Family of Colombian woman denied right to die call decision ‘disrespectful’ and ‘illegal’
Denying Martha Sepúlveda a dignified death was a “disrespectful” and “illegal” decision.
That is the opinion of the family and the attorneys of Sepúlveda, a 51-year-old Colombian woman, who was scheduled to die by euthanasia on Sunday morning. Sepúlveda would have been the first patient in Colombia without a terminal prognosis — expected to die in six months or less — allowed to undergo euthanasia.
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