Death by Mail

When suicide kits are shipped off by the hundreds, life itself has been reduced to a commodity.


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

According to pro-life group Live Action, British authorities have arrested a Canadian man for selling hundreds of “suicide kits” online. Kenneth Law was implicated in the deaths of at least 88 people, one only 17 years old. When interviewed, Law explained, “I need a source of income—I hope you can understand that—I need to feed myself.” 

It’s horrifying enough that this happened at all, but thinking that helping people end their lives is a way to make a living should shock us all. Something like this is only imaginable when we see life as a commodity to be bought and sold. Anytime a price tag is put on something priceless, it is cheapened.  

This is true when done by a person, like this Canadian, or by the state, like how Canada now does by pushing so-called “Medical Assistance in Dying” on their sick and vulnerable. 

Loving our neighbor today means not only saving souls, but also saving lives.  


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