When a Dog Says ‘Moo’

Cruella De Vil, the villain in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, would be proud: A Colorado group has taken a cute and cuddly puppy and turned him into something else—this time, however, not a fur coat. The puppy, Norman, has been made the spokesdog for a statewide campaign promoting gay rights. On billboards, TV ads, and a website, Norman belts out his trademark “moo,” proving that he was “born different.” Sponsored by the Gill Foundation, which pours millions of dollars into gay rights’ causes, Norman is designed to sway the hearts and minds of Colorado voters who, in November, will be voting on a domestic partnership referendum. Former Colorado Springs mayor and Gill Foundation employee Mary Ann Makepeace says Norman is not meant “to bring in religion or politics. It’s about stimulating people to think about the question that they might not have thought about before: Are people born gay?” We don’t need a ventriloquist with a puppy to answer that question. Time and again, the scientists whose studies are cited as evidence for a gay gene have been careful to point out that their research does not support that theory. Even a link on Norman’s website to a press release promoting the born-gay premise states that “the genetic mechanism for a homosexual orientation is unclear.” That’s the best they can say. Besides normalizing homosexual activity and foisting same-sex “marriage” on the rest of society—the 96 percent of people, by the way, who even the Born Different campaign concedes are not gay—the born-gay theory has significant implications for men and women trapped in the homosexual lifestyle. It robs them of hope. Just ask Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, a ministry that helps men and women break free of homosexual behavior. Alan knows firsthand the stranglehold of the born-gay mindset. He says, “I was told by people in the gay community that I couldn’t change, that there was no hope for that.” Thankfully, Alan found hope in the words of a preacher who assured him of God’s love and in the commitment of Christian friends who held him accountable and walked with him through the process of breaking his addiction to a sinful lifestyle. Alan and Randy [see The Good Life] are just two of those who have found hope and healing through Exodus International and ministries like it. While his gay friends told him he was born that way and should accept his fate, caring Christians convinced him that practicing homosexuality was something he did, not something he was, and with God’s help, he could leave that lifestyle behind. That’s not something you’ll hear from the gay community. If they can convince us that they’re simply born different, they will argue that it is a civil-rights issue, a tactic they are already pursuing in Colorado and elsewhere around the country. It’s an argument that is convincing more and more people, which is why you and I need to know the facts and be able to refute the false idea that some people are just born gay. We need to tell our friends and neighbors, especially gay ones, about the hope we all have for real change through Jesus Christ. And if you live in Colorado, send Norman back to his kennel where he can “moo” until his heart is content.  
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