Doing Better for Our Daughters

Progressive ideology, not the Right-wing patriarchy, is denying women at the federal level their privacy, scholarships, and equity in sports.


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

In a recent article published in Newsweek, Kristen Waggoner described how the federal government is working to remove protections for women’s sports, ironically in the name of equity and justice. When Title IX rules that protect female representation in sports are reinterpreted to privilege males who claim a transgender identity, the original purpose of Title IX is turned on its head. 

Twenty years ago, or maybe just 10, if anyone were to predict that women and girls would be denied privacy, scholarship money, and the fair chance to compete in sports, the culprits would have been assumed to be the advocates of a Handmaid’s Tale-style, Right-wing patriarchy. But this move is being championed by those on the Left because they are committed to a worldview in which identity is constructed and the freedom to self-express is the highest good.  

But the freedom from reality is not freedom at all, certainly not the freedom promised to women and girls. 


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