Free to Preach

A U.K. pastor wins legal battle to keep preaching after police told him he could not discuss other religions.


John Stonestreet

In a win for religious freedom, a U.K.-based pastor has won a settlement against local police who ordered him to stop “passing comments on any other religion or comparing them to Christianity.”  

Dia Moodley originally sought police protection after he was targeted with racial abuse. Officers attended his public preaching as a measure of protection but then issued him a warning.  

Moodley stated, 

It isn’t for the police to decide which religions or worldviews can be free from criticism. … I am committed to speaking about the good news of Christianity in love, grace, and truth. … The nature of a free and democratic society is that we can speak publicly about our beliefs. 

Religious freedom is not just freedom to believe, but the freedom to speak and live in accordance with that belief. Our brothers and sisters around the world need our prayers, even in places like the United Kingdom, a place that used to protect religious freedom. 


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