How Can a Good God Allow Suffering?


Bill Brown

Evil is not the sort of thing we like to think about.

All in all, for those of us living in the West, our lives are pretty comfortable, at least as compared to people in other parts of the world or in other times in history.

But, every once in a while, something comes along that reminds us that something’s rotten in the state of humanity. It can be a personal pain like the death of a loved one or our own illnesses. Or, it can be a communal experience like 9/11 or, today, the impact of the coronavirus.

Hard times force us to face questions of good and evil. They make us wonder things about God and His goodness that we don’t think about when things are good.

This past Friday, Dr. Bill Brown of the Colson Fellows Program held a Facebook Live event where talked about this pressing question of why God would allow evil to exist.

Click on the video below to watch his presentation.


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