Inventing the Sabbath

God Himself rested and told us to do likewise.


John Stonestreet

Kasey Leander

Recently in The Atlantic, Jason Heller described how he and his wife took back their Sundays:  

Although Angie and I aren’t religious, we really do think of our secular day of rest as sacred; that’s why we take pains to protect it, even when it means turning down some career opportunities or the next week being a little more stressful. When you take away all the tasks you might feel pressed to do on a Sunday, what you’re left with isn’t an absence. It’s an opening. 

The idea shouldn’t be revolutionary. Not that long ago, in most American communities, most places were closed on Sundays. These days, finding rest feels like an uphill battle.   

Much like the French Revolution’s infamous 10-day week, the frenzied pace of modernity de-sacralizes the created order and everyday life. But our best attempts only collide with reality as God designed it.  

God Himself rested and told us to do likewise. His rules aren’t random but baked into His creation. 


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