Is Christianity a “Luxury” Religion?

Or does God’s design for marriage lead to real life flourishing all around?


John Stonestreet

Shane Morris

Recent research from political scientist Ryan Burge indicates that, at least in the United States, the Christian faith is found primarily among the educated and wealthy. Americans most likely to regularly attend church hold graduate degrees and have an average annual income of $60,000-$100,000.  

Does this mean Christianity is a “luxury religion?”   

Not exactly. According to marriage experts John Van Epp and J.P. DeGance, “one’s economic future is greatly impacted by the relationship choices one makes, specifically in the areas of marriage and parenting.” So, for example, for people whose values include having children after marriage (and not before), the likeliness of being in the “middle- or top-income tier” brackets more than doubles despite their background.  

This reinforces, again, that God’s design of marriage and family is built into the created order and, when followed, leads to economic, social, and spiritual flourishing.  


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