Parents Educating Educators in Mexico

For the faithful, resisting progressive ideas in the classroom has no borders.


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

According to an article in The Daily Chatter, government officials decided to alter academic standards to be more in line with “decolonization” to offer a more favorable view of leftist ideas, and to fit better with the latest sexual ideologies. In response, conservative parents in southern states took the government to court and destroyed some of the proposed new schoolbooks.  

Politicians then claimed it was all about partisanship. 

But this wasn’t America: It was Mexico. The parents protesting were indigenous people out of the state of Chiapas, whose traditional culture and centuries-old Christian heritage drove them to protect their children and protest the ivory tower fads that threaten them. 

The most obvious form of colonization today is ideological colonization, and it is being conducted, not by Christians or traditional religious institutions, but by Western progressives who are committed to sexual values and lifestyles found only in the modern West. If parents from Chiapas can resist, so can we. 


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