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The Point: Complementarity on Ice


John Stonestreet

There’s no skating by this reality. For the Colson Center, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Beauty is, to a large degree, objective. Certain things are naturally beautiful, and that beauty points to truth.

This week at the Winter Olympics, beauty was on display in the spectacular routines included by the couples’ skaters. In fact, even the openly gay male figure-skaters partnered with women—not other men.

Catholic writer Joseph Sciambra wrote on Facebook how the male and female forms naturally complement each other, and how the event wouldn’t be the same with two men or two women.

His thoughts echo those of author Roxane Salonen during the last Olympics: “There is something so beautiful about a man and a woman flying across the ice; the strength of his masculinity serving as her rock, her foothold, and the fluidity of her femininity in beautiful contrast.”

How odd that a culture at war with the created reality of male and female still recognizes its complementary beauty on ice. And if it matters there, doesn’t it matter in family, government, and elsewhere?

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