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The Point: Know the News


John Stonestreet

Read news. Seriously.

Chuck Colson often said he woke up each morning with the Bible in one hand and the New York Times in another.

But even before “fake news,” he was skeptical of the mainstream press.

But he also said that Christians needed to know what was going on in the culture around them.

If you picked up Monday morning’s Washington Post, you read this: “In Oregon, pushing to give patients with degenerative diseases the right to die.” In other words, those with Alzheimer’s now have a target on their back in the state of Oregon.

And this: “2,000 frozen eggs and embryos possibly ‘compromised’ after fertility clinic temperature malfunction.” Just more proof that playing God never turns out well for us.

And then an article about how the Vatican’s attempts to work with the Chinese communists might actually hurt Chinese Catholics.

Chuck was right. We have to speak Truth into the world around us, which means we have to know both Truth and the world around us.

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