The Point

The Point: Lightening the Digital Load


John Stonestreet

It seems there’s a simpler solution here.

Our time is a resource given by God. He expects us to use it wisely. That’s something to remember when we pick up our smart phones—the number one way most of us waste time these days.

In response, one company has offered the Light Phone 2. Built thanks to a crowd-funding campaign, it looks like an iPhone, but only allows users to call, text, get directions, or set an alarm.

The company advertises this cut-down, $250 phone as a “digital detox” option. Of course, you could get the exact same functionality from an old-fashioned flip-phone that costs $30. But this one looks cooler.

So to save time with one of these, you’d have to forget that money is also a God-given resource.

Still, the existence of this “Light Phone” tells me there’s a backlash brewing against the always-online, always-updating modern marvel that is the smart phone. That’s good! With digital addiction at an all-time high, maybe the smartest phone we can get is a dumb one.



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