The Point

The Point: Parental Rights vs. Transgender Ideology


John Stonestreet

This is ideological tyranny.

Imagine this scenario: Your 17-year-old daughter tells you she wants hormone therapy to begin the process of becoming a boy. You refuse and want to help her get help. A judge not only disagrees, he takes your daughter away.

Imagine no more. That’s exactly what happened in Ohio last week.

“Americans can expect to see more cases like this,” says Ryan Anderson, “as government officials side with transgender activists to promote a radical view of the human person and … experimental medical procedures” at the expense of parental rights.

These procedures include puberty blockers, cross-hormone therapy, and eventually surgical transitions, including mastectomies, removal of ovaries and uteruses for girls, and the removal of male organs for boys.

Anderson’s new book on responding to the transgender moment, “When Harry Became Sally,” is a must read and is available at our online bookstore at

We’ll continue to help you think about this issue.



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