Pop-culture Training for Parents: David Eaton on Upstream with Shane Morris


Shane Morris

Parenting call feel like we’re in the movie “Arrival,” where aliens with radically different biology and minds come to Earth and try to communicate with our best scientists. In this case, the aliens are those like the teenaged or GenZ world today. It’s so different, even from the world of just a few years ago in the 1990s – the lingo, the pastimes, the entertainment, and most importantly, the ideas that drive it are alien to so many parents.

In such an alien environment, just like the movies, we need a translator. And that is David Eaton’s job. He has an incredibly visionary ministry to parents, helping them to understand what on Earth teenagers are talking about and doing. It’s for parents who want to understand this “alien” culture because they love their teenagers, and because they know that culture changes but human nature remains the same from generation to generation.

David Eaton is the president and cofounder of a ministry called Axis and helps to engage with young people and provides tools and training for parents and grandparents around the country. He joined Shane Morris on the Upstream podcast to talk about his work and offer hope for both “sides” of this generational divide.


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