The State of the Union and Ukraine’s Commercial Surrogacy Fallout

BreakPoint This Week


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

What exactly did President Joe Biden say at the State of the Union? John and Maria identify the worldview foundation that President Biden spoke from and how the topics in his speech, ranging from Ukraine to education, reveal important realities about his worldview. 

To close the show, Maria shares a haunting reality in the Ukraine conflict: Surrogate children conceived for commercial purposes are stuck in a Ukrainian bomb shelter because their paying parents aren’t able to reach them. John explains the challenge of commercial surrogacy and how it differs from adoption and other forms of surrogacy. 



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Ukraine’s Surrogacy Industry Has Put Women in Impossible Positions

Ukraine is an international surrogacy hub, one of only a handful of countries in the world that allows foreigners to enter into surrogacy arrangements. That means people from the United States or China or Germany or Australia can go there and hire a local woman to gestate their child. There are conditions—the parents have to be straight and married and have a medical reason for needing a surrogate—but surrogates are plentiful, paying them is legal, and establishing legal parenthood for the intended parents is uncomplicated.

The Atlantic

Protecting the Victims of Bad Ideas

Standing for the inherent dignity and rights of children against the innovations of our age is our version of “running into the plague and caring for victims” while everyone else is running away.


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