Stop the DEI Handouts

Americans who want education over ideology in our state universities must remember that we hold the purse strings.


John Stonestreet

University of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh was barely in the locker room after his team’s victory in this year’s National Championship before reporters were pointing out his 11 million dollar paycheck.

While the controversy over what college football coaches make isn’t going away any time soon, the University of Michigan also pays 30 million dollars to nearly 250 employees in its various diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.  

DEI staffing is a major industry, especially at universities, often with vague, unmeasurable goals. Efforts tend to focus on hiring practices, devolving into racial quotas and quickly elevating sexual minorities above everything else. And, they typically don’t work. 

The University of Michigan, as a state school, is funded by taxpayers. Change means wading through a lot of bureaucracy. It takes time, strategy, and political courage, but it can be done. If Americans want their universities to prioritize education over ideology, we should remember that we hold their purse strings. 


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