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Telling the Truth Today in Love


John Stonestreet

David Carlson

We see it every day on Facebook, Twitter, and on cable news—claims and counter claims, competing and conflicting narratives.

And it seems like people are more inclined to trust their source of the news rather than asking whether the news their source is reporting is actually true.

So, how do Christians tell the truth effectively in such a cultural moment? Well, that’s the question we tackle in module 4 of our “Truth, Love, Together” virtual event.

Module 4, “Telling the Truth Today in Love,” features the one and only Lee Strobel, who will speak on “Becoming Stronger Salt and Brighter Light,” as well as Promod Haque on “Being a Public Witness in and Unbelieving Culture,” Obianuju Ekeocha on “Why Telling the Truth Is an Act of Love,” and J. Warner Wallace on “Speaking Unpopular Truths.”

Simply come to to view module 4 and all of our previous modules. And when you register, you’ll be able to take part in our weekly live event.


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