The Ethical Perils of Surrogacy

An Interview with Maria Baer


Shane Morris

Thanks to the Coronavirus lockdown, nearly 100 babies born through commercial surrogacy were stranded in Ukraine. The BBC video of the story was hard to watch. What may be even harder to do is to have a serious discussion about the ethical problems with surrogacy. But that’s what we have for you today on the BreakPoint podcast.

WORLD Magazine correspondent and BreakPoint writer Maria Baer talks with Shane Morris about issues such as legal rights, broken bonds between birth mother and child, medical dangers, and the commoditization not only of babies, but of women–especially poor women. Maria also discusses an interview she conducted with the head of the Ukrainian surrogacy company that made international news.

Does the very real pain of infertility justify the means by which couples obtain babies? What is a Christian position on surrogacy?

Download the MP3 audio here.


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