The Point

The Face of God on Earth

Understanding the Imago Dei in 2021


John Stonestreet

Glenn Sunshine

What is the image of God? Here’s what my friend Dr. Glenn Sunshine said: 

In the ancient Near East when someone claimed to be the image of a god, it meant that the god had given that person authority to rule in his or her name. The proclaimer was literally the face of God on the earth and had that god’s authority to rule. It was the title given to kings. We actually see it in Genesis where God says, “Let Us make man in Our image and let him have dominion.” The image of God is found, ultimately, in our working out of the cultural mandate.

This was part of my conversation with Dr. Glenn Sunshine, and it is part of Wilberforce Weekend Online. For $49, you can get all of the content about the idea of the image of God from a variety of angles. Visit


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